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Hi, I’m Sonia.

Qualified as a teacher in 1997


I did my first Aerodance (Swing into Shape) class in 1986 at the Australian Tax office. Back then I was a data entry operator and part of the regulations at the time were that we had to take time out and do some form of exercise to prevent getting RSI.  So every morning I went to a 10 minute class, after 6 months I was asked to take the 10 minute sessions when the teacher at the time was unavailable. They also had 1 hour lunch classes once a week which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In 1989 I left WA for the ACT and came back to WA in 1991 married and pregnant.  I then had my second child in 1995. Early 1996 I was diagnosed with post natal depression and advised by my psychologist that the best way to get over it without any medication was exercise.  I then found Aerodance at Warwick leisure centre and within 12 months of attending classes was asked if I wanted to train to be a teacher. As I had taken a redundancy package from the ATO to stay home and look after my children I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

I graduated in November 1997 and have been teaching ever since. I thoroughly love my “Job” if you can call it that. It is more of an opportunity to get together with amazing friendly like minded women and have fun.

I now run 3-4 classes a week at Warwick Leisure Centre as well as work in the customer service area for the city of Stirling, my beautiful daughters are all grown up and attend classes every now and again (typical teenagers).

I plan to continue teaching for many years to come as it has become a way of life for me.


Hi I’m Jane.


I started going to Swing into Shape classes in 1996 when I was in my early 20’s.  Initially it was to spend quality time with my mum who started in 1992 but I soon came to love it so much I would go even if she didn’t!  I decided to become an Aero Dance teacher at the end of 2006 when my second daughter had just turned 1.  The thought of going back to work one day was not a welcome one and so I came to the conclusion that if I could work teaching Aero Dance it would be much more enjoyable.....and I wasn’t wrong!  I get paid to keep fit, catch up with wonderful people and have fun. 

I graduated as a qualified teacher in September 2007 and have loved every minute of it.  I had my third daughter in 2009 and still taught classes until I was in my 3rd trimester. 

Apart from Aero Dance I enjoy music, reading, socialising, travelling and most importantly just spending time with my family.  My husband works FIFO in the mining industry so life is busy to say the least!  I love listening to music so making up routines for Aero Dance is always fun.

I really enjoy being an Aero Dance teacher and hope that I can share in the joy and happiness that Aero Dance brings to so many people for many years to come.


Hi, I’m Rochelle.

 In March 1999 a good friend introduced me to Aero Dance (then called Swing onto Shape).  She said that it was a great dance fitness class and that it would be “right up my alley”, and she was right, I loved it right from the first step.  My instructor at Swan Park Leisure Centre was Anne Wilson, the lady who had introduced Swing into Shape to WA.  In 2000 I attended a Swing Plus course.  This course concentrates on teaching the “basic bricks” or dance steps used in the routines done in a Swing into Shape class.  At the end of this class I was offered a position in a Swing into Shape instructor’s course.  I did the Instructor’s course in 2001.  I was trained in how to teach the steps and routines, how to set up a programme and how to conduct the class.  I also did an overview of the human body and the effects of exercise on the body and did a St John’s First Aid certificate course.  In 2002 I began teaching at Swan Park Leisure Centre, taking over classes from Anne Wilson, who had moved to the Eastern States.  Since then I have also picked up the Wednesday night class at LeisurePark Balga and share the Saturday morning class (Balga) with Sonia (Warwick). 

 I have made many great friends through Aero Dance and love spending time with them outside the class, either at coffee, lunch or away at our annual camps.  

After finishing High School I did a Diploma of Teaching at Claremont Teachers College.  My then boyfriend (now husband) got transferred to Derby (WA) by the bank and I went with him.  While in Derby I got a job with Australia Post.  When we returned to Perth I worked in several Post Offices and eventually got promoted into the Training Branch.  

I am married, to Brad, and have two boys, Lyam & Travis.  We also have two cats.  My other interests include philately, jewellery making and scrap booking (my way!).  

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